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laku Protection and Transportation Bag - Heavyweight

laku Protection and Transportation Bag - Heavyweight

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Ocean Canoe Iaku's are frequently spotted in large bins, full of water, with others, strapped to racks, being bashed around or sitting with a sign, next to boats, advertising the opportunity for the boat to be stolen. So please start looking after your Iaku's! They an important and valuable part of your canoe.

With this in mind, we have designed our own durable reasonably priced Iaku bag to enable every paddler the opportunity to take their Iaku's home. The ability to carry with ease and protect these valuable pieces of canoe kit.

Compartmentalised for each Iaku. A sturdy bag, hard wearing, durable and with breathable mesh to allow air in and water out.


1000 Denier black nylon.

Usage Guide

Pop your Iaku's in, zip it up and bingo, you're ready to go.

Care Instructions

This product is sturdy and durable.

Technical Information

Dimensions: 143 x 14 cm

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  • This is a great quality product, nicely priced to replace those torn, dirty existing bags.

  • Suitable for storage or transport of Ocean Canoe laku's

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