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Paddle Strap Deluxe

Paddle Strap Deluxe

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We will start by saying this 'wee' strap has created a 'bit of a stir' within the paddling community. 

The Paddle Strap Deluxe takes the standard paddle strap to a new level, as it replaces the old rubber tube concept, making the attachment of spare paddles to Iaku's so much easier. Securing your spare paddle with the grip of an All Star Wrestler. 

This dandy piece of kit attaches to the spare paddle before the binding process begins, meaning that if released, it is not bobbing around in the ocean, but where you need it to be; in your hand. 

The securing of the spare paddle is bound in the same manner, but the difference is found on release, due to a simple velcro quick release system, meaning no 'mucking' about trying to release a tightly bound rubber tube.

Finally, if you are really having a bad day and your steering system fails, this strap can be simply placed to secure your rudder, getting you back to dry land.


Polyester strap with velcro attachment points.

Usage Guide

Attach through loop to spare paddle shaft and bind around Iaku, locking in position at full stretch, with Velcro locking system.

Care Instructions

Rinse with fresh water after use and roll.

Technical Information

60 x 7 cm extendable black strap. Velcro quick release.

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  • Easy to Attach

    Our strap attaches with velcro, simply loop it through your paddle, bind it to your Iaku and you're good to go!

  • Quick Release

    Our velcro quick release system, means no mucking about trying to release a tightly bound rubber tube.

  • You Won't Lose It

    As its attached to your spare paddle, when you release it, you won't lose your paddle strap in the ocean.

  • Hardwearing Materials

    Unlike your standard rubber strap, it won't perish or come apart. We've designed it to resist the elements.

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