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Spinlock Alto Flotation Belt

Spinlock Alto Flotation Belt

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You can swim, right? Ok, now can you swim 300 meters in rough seas?

Research indicates, that paddlers are generally reasonable swimmers, but few people, can swim longer distances in rough seas, or indeed when tired. Research also indicates, that wearing a PFD is sometimes too hot and is viewed by a large number of paddlers, as being uncool.

In our view; paddler safety must come first and therefore we wanted to provide a safety belt, so should any paddler get themselves in a 'pickle' at sea, they have the option to deploy flotation support.  

The Spinlock Alto Unisex Belt is so neatly packaged away, you will not even notice you are wearing it. Designed for a range of water sports, it is lightweight, compact and C02 inflated as needed. Please check out the video. 


Constructed of ANSI approved high visibility material used by police, EMS and traffic controllers.

Usage Guide

This belt can be worn at the front or back. Please ensure

Care Instructions

Re-arming requires a DW-RAK/75 re-arming kit - 16g CO2 cylinder. This can be purchased from Custom Paddle Accessories. Belts should be tested and recharged every 6 months.

Technical Information

A certified (ISO 12402-5:2006) 50N Buoyancy Aid is the certification given to buoyancy aids with a buoyancy of not less than 50N used in sheltered waters, with help and rescue close at hand, under such circumstances, where more bulky or buoyant devices can impair the user's activity.

Fits: 70-145cm waists

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  • A Lifesaver

    Has a large 75N of emergency buoyancy, to keep you afloat in the roughest seas.

  • Compact Design

    Not as bulky as regular PFD's, paddle with ease and still be ready in an emergency.

  • Perfect Fit

    Contains an adjustable waist belt ensuring it always fits snugly around you.

  • Lightweight

    Weighs in at just 376 grams, so you won't be adding much load to your boat.

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