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Summerweight Ama Protection and Transportation Bag

Summerweight Ama Protection and Transportation Bag

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Are you fed up with scratching your Ama when you put it away or during transport? Of course you are, we all are!

With this cheerful thought in mind, we, yes us, have the solution; a damn good Ama bag designed to protect and carry your Ama. Ventilated, 100% strengthened nylon, sleek black, carrying handles and oh, tie down loops. 

This bag differs from our heavyweight Ama bag being made from a lighter weight nylon, and the lighter colour reflects more of the suns UV rays. Preferred by some paddlers.

Feedback received. Paddlers like:

  • The breathable exterior nylon mesh, that lets air in and moisture out,
  • The way the bag protects against Ama scratches once in the rack,
  • Easy to pull your Ama out and put away due to the handles,
  • Value for money,
  • The slightly oversized dimensions of this bag, making it super simple to put your Ama away, when wet.
  • It fits all OC1 Ama's


320 Denier Nylon/Mesh

Usage Guide

Pop your Ama in and you are ready to go.

Care Instructions

Allow to dry if it gets wet.

Technical Information

320 Denier Nylon/Mesh bag

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  • Avoids damage to your Ama when putting away

  • Convenient for carrying to and placing in rack.

  • Super easy to load the Ama.

  • Extended zip for easy access

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