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Dignity Poncho

Dignity Poncho

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Yes, we have all seen someone struggling,  believing a tiny towel is just the ticket to support a complete strip down to remove and replace wet clothing. 

So, to avoid disappointing others, we have the perfect unisex poncho. Big enough to allow rummaging underneath meeting personal changing objectives and groovy enough to have complete strangers pointing and saying "That's a groovy poncho Barbara".

This dandy piece of clothing is also very useful post-training to travel on buses etc, without dragging sand around and leaving evidence of your seating position.

Feedback received indicates:

  • People like the lightweight material, making it easy to dry,
  • Boys prefer the grey; girls the black,
  • It covers your private delicate parts while changing,
  • It's hooded and 'toasty' as needed.


100% Microfibre

Usage Guide

Pop it on, then pull down your pants. Not the other way around!

Care Instructions

Wash as normal

Technical Information

It's a baggy loose fitting poncho designed to allow changing of clothing beneath.

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  • Covers your private parts while changing

  • It maintains the mystery of what you look like naked

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