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HIKU Hybrid Outrigger Paddle

HIKU Hybrid Outrigger Paddle

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Waka Ama / Va'a / Outrigger Canoe Paddles

The Hiku Hybrid is a beautiful paddle, with a full composite carbon shaft and timber blade and It certainly gives us a tingle!

In designing the Hiku, the focus was on increasing stability and grip in the water. To achieve this, several adjustments were made to the design, in comparison to past designs.

The Hiku has an increased blade offset to 15˚ while maintaining the same entry angle as a Broadbill thus moving the blade further into a pulling position.

In addition, the V on the power face creates an even split for the water, providing the blade with more stability.

When designing the  new full composite shafts TP's goal was to create a shaft that is light weight, strong and with similar flex properties to a timber shaft.  This is achieved by controlling the percentage of carbon fibre and fibreglass in the shaft and also the orientation of the fibre weave. The result is consistent shaft weight and flex.

The paddle shaft is double bend/curved and available in two flex options. Regular Flex  for all round paddling and Stiff Flex for shorter distance and stronger paddlers.

Paddler Profile:

The Hiku would compliment shorter 'reach' paddlers, wishing to gain stroke length. It's lightweight , but slightly heavy than its full carbon version, therefore it would compliment a stronger paddler. That said the less stronger paddler can equally manage this paddle .

For stronger paddlers, the Stiff Flex would be beneficial assisting 'water flutter'.  All said, this paddle is however perfect for the everyday paddler. 

Finally, let's address blade width.  With a range of blade lengths available, please remember , the wider the blade the more water will be pulled. So... wider blades will generally be more comfortable for stronger paddles. Stroke rating must also be considered. If a high rating is used a smaller width blade is generally more comfortable and assists early fatigue. 

The larger blade offset will assist to reduce downward drag on the back of the stroke. 

 Important information:

  • Blade Width : 9.0", 9.25" and 9.5" options
  • Blade Length : 18.5″ | 47cm
  • ‍Blade Offset : 15˚
  • Surface area : Between 117 - 123  in² | 794 cm
  • Lightweight PVC foam core
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Infusion carbon fiber rail
  • Inlaid branding
  • High gloss finished
  • Regular shaft: All round, standard stiffness for long distance and endurance.
  • Stiff shaft: For sprint, shorter distance and stronger paddlers.

An interesting fact: Tai Paddles are now made from components and materials from both overseas and NZ, the woodworking and finishing is done in the coastal town of Whaingaroa -- Raglan, Aotearoa.

* Worldwide Shipping available.

* International Warranty: Limited 1 year Warranty.

* Paddle design: Raglan, Aotearoa.



Shaft: epoxy, carbon fibre, fibreglass, pvc foam, reinforced carbon fibre edge.

Blade.: Laminated timber curved/double bend shaft

Handle: Carbon T grip

Usage Guide

If you don't know how to use this paddle, you're on the wrong website!

Care Instructions

Love it and care for it like you would a puppy.

Consider purchasing the CPA Fandango blade cover and protector.

Technical Information

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  • Hybrid carbon timber outrigger paddle

    Racing paddle

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