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The Boat Tie Down

The Boat Tie Down

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We love this product, but why?

Imagine if you will, the use of the standard bungee, when storing your boat. 

As practical as the standard bungee may be, it has generally a metal connector on each end, they are very easy to over-tighten, because most of us buy the wrong size, they unexpectedly ping off and of course they become rusty and the elastic starts to degrade. All of which can cause damage to your boat.

So with this in mind, allow us to introduce, The Boat Tie Down from CPA.

This consists of an adjustable 170 cm bungee, plastic tipped, safely housed in a 5.5mm neoprene sleeve. This tie down will secure your club or personal boat with ease, convenience and without damage caused by over-tightening. 

Suitable for all OC and Surfski models. 

Paddler feedback received:

  • Paddlers love the flexibility in bungee length,
  • Absolutely suitable for OC6 as well as smaller boats,
  • Ideal bought in pairs to provide extra security in bad weather,
  • Stops boat damage from over-tightened straps,
  • Paddlers love the red sleeve. 


Nylon, 5.5mm Neoprene Rubber, Velcro, Plastic

Usage Guide

Simply fold up the neoprene and velcro shut around the bungee cord and you're good to go!

Care Instructions

Our boat tie down is very hard wearing in all weather conditions, so won't need much care, simply enjoy!

Technical Information

180cm Elasticated Bungee cord, 60cm long neoprene sleeve with velcro attachment.

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  • Specially Designed

    Designed to fit perfectly and snugly around your boat, with no slippage or dangling bits!

  • Protects from Damage

    Will secure your boat while not scratching it, as we've only used the softest materials.

  • Durable

    Our neoprene is resistant to the effects of sunlight, heat, cold, abrasion, flexing or twisting.

  • Waterproof

    No need to worry about salt water, it's completely waterproof, as all paddling accessories should be!

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